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Around The Andaman Sea
The Andaman Sea is a deep, clean body of water ornamented with scenic islands, most of them uninhabited, many of them fringed with coral reefs. The Andaman extends 870 kilometres from Koh Surin National Park on the border with Myanmar to the north, to Koh Tarutao National Park on the border with Malaysia to the south, to the Andaman Islands, Indian territory more than 650 kilometres to the west.

The deep blue water of the Andaman Sea supports thriving commercial fisheries. It also provides ideal conditions for classic gamefish species such as wahoo and sailfish. The many island destinations and seas uncongested by boat traffic, meanwhile, make Phuket-based sailing some of the best in the world. Hundreds of fringing coral reefs, meanwhile, make for excellent diving, and scuba instruction of the highest standard is readily available.
Koh Similan
Part of the pleasure of diving these sites is the knowledge that the reefs are among the most biodiverse in the region, while they are close enough to deep water that large open-water creatures often pay visits as well. What better diversion from a fascinating examination of a mantis shrimp lying in ambush for crab than to look up and see a whale shark - the biggest fish in the world, yet harmless - or a majestic manta ray silhouetted against the sun?
Koh Similans
 enjoys the reputation of being one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world, given their rich marine life, varied bottom topography, excellent visibility, and numerous dive sites, both shallow and deep. These 9 tiny islands (10, if you count Koh Bon, another excellent dive spot 30 km north of the Similans) lie about 85 km northwest of Phuket.
With its wide variety of international-standard facilities and its easy access either by road or by direct flights from around Europe and Asia, Phuket makes the natural base for exploring the Andaman Sea. Several marine national parks, including scores of coral-fringed tropical islands, lie within easy range. Scuba and boating facilities on the island are excellent.
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