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We offer liveaboard cruisesdepartures every day throughout the high season from October to April.

Join in for world-class diving at affordable  rates,  designed  to  fit the budget and requirement of every divers.
The length of trips provided can range from 2 days up to 5 days or more.

We provide daily transfer from Tub Lamu pier to liveaboard boat.


SIMILAN ISLANDS MARINE NATIONAL PARK. Visibility 20-40m. Depth 3-40m. The Similans can certainly lay claim to being one of Asia's top dive destinations, with over 30 different dive sites. East-facing dive sites feature gently sloping reefs and drop-offs with impressive gardens of sea anemones, flourishing hard and soft corals, and teeming fish populations.

The dive sites on the western side are quite the opposite. Here, giant granite boulders tumble down to the seabed to depths of 40m or more. Strong currents keep the gaps between the boulders free from build-ups of sand, leading to the development of a network of tunnels, archways and caverns that provide exciting swim throughs.

The currents also provide nutrients for masses of gorgonians, crinoids, seafans and lush soft corals. Pelagic fish as whale sharks, reef sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, travellies, tuna ands jacks are frequently observed.
Similan-Surin Liveaboard
Just 60 miles northwest of Phukets lie the Similan Islands. The Similan islands ("Nine Islands") is a marine national park, and includes nine islands running from south to north and are numbered accordingly ,have a reputation as one of the best diving destinations in the world. The islands are granite boulders formations, densely covered with tropical vegetation . Beneath the sea you also find large granite boulders overgrown with coral and algae; they lie strewn together all the way from the surface to a depth of 40 meters below. This provides many interesting swimthroughs, canyons, archways and caves.

The Similan Islands also have a rich variety and abundance of reef fish. Deep-water creatures like manta rays and whale sharks visit the area regularly.

The Surin Islands, which are also included in Thailands national park system, consist of two main densely forested islands and are home a number of Sea Gypsies, or Chao Le, as well as a wide variety of fauna, World-famous Richelieu Rock lies only 10 miles away to the southeast. Richelieu Rock is a horseshoe-shaped pinnacle of rock rising from the sandy bottom at 35 metres to just break the surface at low tide. Constantly bathed in nutrient-rich water, Richelieu Rock supports an in incredible diversity of marine life, from cuttlefish ,mantas to whale sharks (50% of dives at Richelieu Rock include whale- shark sightings). Richelieu Rock is a perfect dive site for repetitive multi-level diving to extend your underwater time to experience its wonders.
Surin Archipelago and Richelieu
Located north of the Similan Islands, the Surin archipelago is made up of 5 islands including Koh Tachai and Koh Bon. Except for a small community of Sea Gypsies, these islands are uninhabited and covered by green rain forest.

In January and February, this is a favorite spot for sighting manta rays, which often join the divers for a dance.

Richelieu is a submerged pinnacle located 8 nautical miles east of the Surin Islands. This world-class spot is famous for Manta Ray and Whale Shark. There is also a pretty good chance of seeing other kinds of sharks and rays.

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