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Distance 18 NM
Boat trip 90 min.
Depth 6-32 metres (20-100ft.)
Visibility fair to good
Currents moderate to strong
Surface conditions can be rough
Diver experience level beginners with Divemaster.

The King Cruiser is a new addition to Phuket's dive site portfolio. It is a car ferry, built in Japan 30 years ago as a comfortable catamaran-hull passenger cruiser with four decks. The King Cruiser had a length of 85 metres and a breadth of 25 metres, giving it a capacity of nearly 900 passengers. It was being used for sightseeing trips when on the 4th of May 1997, the ship sunk after a collision with Anemone Reef. The Cruiser was on its normal route from Phuket to the nearby Phi Phi Islands.

Nowadays, the wreck lies in an upright position in fairly shallow water. The steering house is located about 10m below the surface. The propellers are at the deepest point and rest at about 32m. The most interesting areas are the passenger decks between 15 and 20m down. Penetration is extremely hazardous and should only be attempted by certified wreck divers. The wreck itself, is a wonderful opportunity to study the process of marine life-forms taking possession of a new part of their environment. Huge shoals of colourful fish already occupy the ship, groupers guard the holes and crevices. Even the slower movers - shells and corals - have begun to move in.
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