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Distance 16 NM
Boat trip 90 min.
Depth 6-25 metres (20-80ft.)
Visibility fair to excellent
Currents moderate to strong
Surface conditions can be rough
Diver experience level beginners with Divemaster.

Shark Point was named after the laid-back leopard shark that can often be seen resting there. Only a small rocky outcrop breaks the surface of the sea, beneath which you will find three large reef sections teeming with marine life.
The reef is covered with soft coral and sponges and is constantly buzzing with fish of every imaginable size, shape and colour.

Jackfish and tuna patrol the reef, rays and barracudas cruise by. Leopard sharks can be seen on almost every dive - they are totally harmless and can be easily approached. Currents can be brisk but they run parallel to the reef and therefore it is also an excellent drift dive.
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